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Cute Dominated Boys

Gay, Chastity, Ballbusting, Bondage, Diapers, SPH, Spanking, Wedgie, Pansting, Domination and Humiliation

I teach my slaves that my seed is precious, that my cum should be collected and stored inside them.

True for me this locktober.

I own you now. I just fucked the hell out of your boi pussy, now I'm gonna stretch that rubber over your tongue and make you eat it all.

when he said he'd let you cum....two days ago

he can feel the erection happening and he can't do anything about it.

He just got his dick shaved and he likes the way it looks. I wonder if he’ll be smiling after his chastity cage is installed. Does not matter really. He’ll get used to it, he’ll be trained, and his life of service will begin. Good Boy!

You really liked this one. There was no argument from him about how things would go. That little nub wasn't going to ever fuck anything and he already knew it. and the way he immediately sunk his pussy down on your cock demonstrated enthusiasm for the job at hand. Using this one for some time was going to be fun.

So hot!!!!!!!!

‪He stood naked & exposed while they deliberated. Everything hung in the balance. His hope of getting laid this year. His month long unfulfilled urge to nut. The ache in his dick every morning as he awoke to a bent & broken erection. His little dick twitched in its cage as they finally turned to back to face him. They were grinning‬.