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Cute Dominated Boys

Gay, Chastity, Ballbusting, Bondage, Diapers, SPH, Spanking, Wedgie, Pansting, Domination and Humiliation

It's not fair. Why is he allowed to touch your cock, but you're not? Why is he allowed to use your ass as a fleshlight to jerk himself off? Why does he get to cum every day, but the moment you even accidentally touch yourself you get locked up or a week? 

It's not fair. It's not fair. IT'S NOT FAIR.

And there's nothing you can do about it, bitch. 

Boys should never be allowed release.

It had been weeks since you'd last seen him. You begged and pleaded for him to bring you the key to your pathetic caged cock. This pic was the only response you received.

That str8 buddy who confessed that he'd never received a blowjob and you managed to convince him to let you do it.  He kept telling you that he'd never done this before and asking you to promise not to tell anyone about it.  Then you gave him an epic cocksucking...  He gasped and writhed and grunted and his dick twitched in your mouth and he warned when he was about to shoot... so you held on tight and gulped down his huge load of cum.  He had his mood-swing and was about overcome with guilt as soon as you finished him off... and he was grossed out that you'd eaten his load.  But every time you sucked him off after that, he EXPECTED it.

Funny how that works...been there.

something small this way cums..

For the First 3 weeks, his favorite part was the morning. watching me pathetically stroke my cage, frantic for relief. Moaning & begging as I endured the torture of broken morning wood. With no way to cure it.

Then he’d send me off to my 1st class, blueballed & aching. Tugging at the prison in my pants.

That was until he saw me leaking once.  He was reading in bed as I squirmed next to him, desperate to calm the caged beast.  I rubbed my cage like a bitch as always, but to my surprise I actually leaked cum (of sorts) it wasn’t quite as thick as normal, but it was a lot.  it was some kind of ruined orgasm cum leak.  Utterly unsatisfying, and I was forced to lick it up immediately.

Since that moment, I’m not longer allowed to touch myself at all when I’m caged. He has threatened to add a month to my time, if he ever catches me doing it.

So when I awake to a morning wood betrayal now I’m instructed to put my hands behind my head and ride out the torture without so much as rubbing my balls.

If he wants me to cum, or leak - he’ll be the one to make it happen.

"That's right, boy. All those long nights we talked about your schooling, about your teachers and your classmates, it wasn't just idle chatter. I listened to everything you said. I remembered it all. 

"Do you remember how I'd have you jerk off while describing the boys you had crushes on? How you had to express your raunchiest and deepest fantasies while I made you edge over and over? Haha.

"Ya, that's right. You were such a good boy. Letting me deny you every day for weeks on end. You were so horny you didn't even notice I recorded your little story sessions. But that's okay. They're not just your sessions anymore. 

"I sent all the footage to every guy you mentioned. And I sent each guy a padlock key. I guess if you ever want to cum, you'll have to find out who has the right key. Which means you can't afford to avoid any of them. Now get out of my sight. I have plenty of other boys with dicks free for me to play with."    

The ultimate act of submission. You can't cum. You can't have an erection. You can't pleasure yourself. You can't even entertain sexual thoughts without risking the uncomfortable straining against the confines of the cage. You kneel and you service him. You see the faraway look in his eyes as his engorged pole slides deep into your mouth. You feel his hips start bucking in ecstasy as you fondle his balls. You hear the loud grunts as he shoots rope after rope of semen into your throat. He smiles and tell you - well done. You smile back, knowing your complete lack of sexual pleasure and fulfillment has intensified his. You dress and go about your day. But that evening, your phone rings. He wants more. You go back to his house. You strip. You kneel. You begin again. It takes longer this time, so your submission is prolonged and profound. Between your legs, your penis hangs limp in its cage. It's where you are meant to be.
Source: JAZ641

The right way to fuck a fag

Totally agree. A Alpha using my chastity as a hand hold keeps my attention every second. 

Then he felt it happening. His poor neglected dick twitched in its Tiny cage, his balls pulsed, boiling over with freshman spunk. There was no hiding it this time. They’d see it! The last time, he was wearing pants, he came into his underwear, and tried his best to hide his pained orgasm face. 

But this time, he was exposed - hovering over a puddle of his own shame. Every instinct in his body yearned to reach down -to touch himself, to rub his pathetic caged dick as he Shot his load in agony, his hard-on bent and broken by the smallest cage they could find. 

but his hands were busy, he knew better than to give into his boyhood urges...

If he ever wanted out, that is.

His boi said his balls were aching from not cumming for so long... so Master kissed them better, before locking his dicky back in it's cage, and extending his lockup, for complaining, when he should be thanking his Master for helping him be a good, orgasm free, bottom boi.