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Cute Dominated Boys

Gay, Chastity, Ballbusting, Bondage, Diapers, SPH, Spanking, Wedgie, Pansting, Domination and Humiliation

The image was spread around the campus with the following message:

Should I be a bottom bitch?

The team believes it was my poor performance that cost us last nights game. As per our tradition, it's up to you to determine guilt and punishment!

Text 1 and I'll be publicly fucked by the captain in the field at 6pm tonight!

Text 2 to have the entire team fuck me in the locker room, streamed live! I'll then be kicked off the team. :(

Text 3 to have the team fuck me, lock my dick in a cock cage and deliver me and the key to the rival team to become their new mascot as I "clearly must want to be their bitch"

Text 0 if you believe I am innocent, and I get to kick my primary accuser in the nuts!

Please text 0!!

An Alpha Man deserves to be shown respect and obedience at all times! Remember your place and serve Him well!

Before he left the house, his Master had equipped a locking buttplug in his ass.  Three hours into his work day, his locked dick wouldn't stop leaking.

Over the phone:

"Sir, this is too much.  My pre-cum is soaking through my pants and I don't have a change of clothes.  Can you please drop off the key so I can take this plug out?"

"Boy, what did I say about giving up so easily?  Grab some tissue and put it in your underwear.  If it's that big a problem I can send you off in diapers tomorrow."

"Sir, I didn't mean--"

"Then stop being a little bitch and deal with it, because it's only going to get harder.  Next month I plan on upgrading you to a buttplug twice that size.  You better be ready by then.  I won't accept more whining."

"... Yes, Sir."


If you like my captions and short stories, you'll love the original chastity and hypnosis-themed video content on my JFF:

Halloween may be cancelled this year...but this ain’t

Nothing gives me more pleasure than looking down and seeing my fat cock splitting a whining boy open, holding his legs spread apart like a bitch, all while his limp little dicklet shrivels up near my Man dick. That tiny flesh shrinking away let's me know how dominant of a Man I am that I make this beta's body change physically.

“Sir, I was wondering if you could take of my cock cage and let me cum?”

“No boi, I like you just the way you are now horny, docile, and compliant; And I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Now bend over boi, I’m going to show you that I don’t need to take off the cage to make you cum!”

“Yes Sir!”

Best time to tell him he isn't getting unlocked this week.

1: Once he's desperate enuf to offer you a blowjob -No  

2: While he's gagging on your dick for the 1st time? -No 

3: After u get a pic of him tasting cum for the 1st time? -Yes

Jason loved to order his loser roommate Kyle to kneel in front of him and inhale his scent.   And Kyle has learned that his need for oxygen is far less important than Jason's desire to cum deep in Kyle's throat 

Jason had come home from the gym early one day, catching Kyle in the act of jerking off while sniffing one of his jocks!  Jason was furious, and was going to beat the shit out of Kyle.  But Kyle had begged "please, no, I'll do anything", and that got Jason thinking.  Why waste an opportunity?

Now Kyle does all the cleaning and laundry.  Kyle gets to sniff Jason's jocks all he wants, but Kyle's dick remains firmly locked in a chastity cage.  It would be fucking weird to let him jerk off, right?.  So Jason warned Kyle, if he ever catches him trying to jerk off, or run away somewhere else with one of his jocks or something, he'd pay even worse consequences.

As long as Kyle obeys, he is safe, gets to inhale Jason's scent, and gets to suck Jason's big cock.  Kyle has worked on eliminating his gag reflex and now takes it all the way to Jason's pubes with just the occasional drip of drool.  Good boy, Kyle!. 

I wasn't averse to some kinky play, so when my boyfriend suggested he'd tie me to the bed and blindfold me, I thought it would be a pretty hot idea. It started out as just a hot fuck, and he got me to the very brink right as he shot my huge load into my pussy. That's when things started to turn a bit more... should I say frustrating? 

Rather than allowing me to cum, he stopped jerking me as soon as he had cum. I was soo close and I begged him to continue. He told me that from now on, he plans to use my frustration as a weapon. I had no idea what he meant but I certainly was frustrated--and since he hadn't untied my hands yet, I couldn't finish myself off. 

He leaned in for a kiss. It was beautiful, soft passionate. He whispered: "Don't worry. I just want us to try some new things. I think you'll love all of it. Just give me a chance." How could I say no?! Even if I wanted to say no, I couldn't because he pushed my dirty socks into my mouth as gag before I could say anything. 

As he got up from the bed, he told me he planned to keep me tied to the bed all day and come back whenever he was ready to go again. Only tonight would he decide whether I had been a good enough boy to earn an orgasm. 

He left me frustrated. Tied up, nothing to do but wait until he wants to fuck me again, and blue balls! I felt like I should be furious at him but somehow I wasn't. Being at his mercy, objectified as just a hole for him to fuck--it somehow got me super horny. 

Sure, there were moments during that day that I didn't want any of this anymore--that I was just angry--but the very moment he walked back into the room, I would always just immediately want to please him--be the best little bitch for him that I would possibly be! I took at least half-a-dozen loads that day: some in my ass, some down my throat, some after ass2mouth, and some on my face. I always knew he had a huge sex drive but having me tied up, helpless, and at his mercy apparently brought that out even more! 

He even told me why he wanted to keep me from cumming: "You don't have the same sex drive as me. I'm horny again minutes after I came but you usually only want to have sex once a day at most--unless I keep you horny by not allowing you to cum until I've completely exhausted my loads." 

I had to admit that the whole experience was keeping me incredibly horny. As the day went on, and I took more loads, and he edged me many more times without allowing me to cum, the moments of anger and frustration slowly gave way to increasing horniness and pride in serving him so well--he repeated how well I was playing the role of bitch boy after every load he gave me! 

Eventually, just before midnight, after almost sixteen hours of being tied to the bed, he got me once again to the edge: "Do you think you've been a good boy? Do you think you deserve to cum?" He pulls out my gag to allow me to answer: "Yes! Please make me cum!" 

- "Yes, who?" 

- "Yes, Sir! Please, I am desperate!" 

- "I don't care whether you're desperate or not. I care whether you deserve to cum. Do you think you do?" 

- "I've been a good, boy, Sir!" 

- "That's right, you've been my good boy," he says as he continues to stroke me. I'm getting so close. "Don't forget to ask permission before you cum." 

I'm right on the brink. If he denies me permission, I'm not sure whether I would still be able to hold back: "Please, Sir! May I please cum?" 

- "All right, you've been a very good boy for a first time. I'll be generous!" 

Within seconds, I shot what must have been my biggest load ever--the most intense orgasm ever. It felt like litres; it felt like my orgasm just kept going. I was exhausted afterwards, although I had been in bed all day. 

He scooped up a few huge globs of my cum from my face and fed them to me. I had never eaten my own cum before but it somehow felt right to do so. He untied me, took off my blindfold, and we cuddled. He asked me whether I would be open to exploring this dynamic further. Of course, he didn't really have to ask; we both knew that we were now instantly addicted to our new dynamic. 

He smirked and said: "Just be glad I decided to let you cum. I was planning to ice your dick and fit it with this." He picked up a chastity cage from his night stand, and showed it to me. The thought of being denied orgasms for even longer both terrified me and got me super-excited. 

"Trust me, I won't always be do generous with your orgasms." I didn't object and we both knew that I had effectively agreed to let him control my orgasms.